GiantForest offers a wide
selection of landscaping
services to accommodate
your needs.
Specimen trees and selected nursery stock
Specimen Trees & Selected Nursery Stock
Adding trees and shrubs to a landscape increases the value of your home. Our selection of nursery stock is specially selected for its beauty and hardiness in the vast Michigan climate.
Perennials, herbs and steppables

Perennials, Herbs & Steppables
Choosing the right flowers for your garden or living area is crucial to your level of enjoyment and the appearance of your home. Our trained team of designers will go over the best options for you based on your preferences.

Brick pavers, pillars and patio accents Brick Pavers, Pillars & Patio Accents
Beautiful, natural looking stone and brick adds substance, strength and a high level of versatility to any living area. We will make recommendations and incorporate the perfect enhancements to your outdoor design.
Pergolas and trellises Pergolas & Trellises
These structures will beautify your garden like no other structure can! Pergolas are an excellent way to transition from house to lawn or garden, sure to add class and elegance to any setting. Our trellises are a great accent along your house, a wall or fence.
Outdoor kitchen Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are the perfect place to unite friends and family for entertainment or casual get-togethers. Let us design a unique outdoor kitchen that reflects your personality, and includes the functionality and appliances that best suite your needs.
Copper outdoor lighting Copper Outdoor Lighting
The range of copper’s natural colors make an attractive appearance during various stages of weathering which is why we love it. We can create the perfect ambiance with up-lighting, shadowing, down-lighting, path-lighting and other options to make your outdoor living area perfect for entertaining or relaxing.
Mosaic stepping stones and focal points Mosaic Stepping Stones & Focal Points
Mosaic stepping stones make a very artistic enhancement and give definition to your living area. We can create a beautiful pathway or dramatic accents to showcase a particular area.